Endura is the vessel of choice for wine, champagne and even trending​ cocktails or mocktails – bringing endless possibilities to the party to​ enhance your presentations and maximize aroma and flavor.​

​Endura offers the optimal combination of elegance, sturdiness and​ competitive price points proving that there is no need to compromise​ when it comes to selecting the glassware or your venue.

​​With Endura you’ll find that sturdy stemware can be the focal point of​ your integrated table or bar. Create eye-catching presentations in​ glassware that entice guests to explore and linger. Ranging from​ luxury to everyday, with its firmness yet elegance Endura includes the​ right glass for whatever you’re celebrating today.​

​This range includes 5 sizes, all with a Finesse laser cut rim. A 70cl Balloon,​ 47cl Tall Red Wine, 35cl Red Wine, 25cl White Wine and a 16cl​ Flute. The glasses are packed in a ONIS Bulk box 6; also perfect for​ all cash & carries.


  • Unique and distinctive design
  • Modern interpretation of a retro design
  • 4 capacities multi-purpose
  • Sturdy and easy to use and maintain
  • Dishwasher safe
  • European production.