Two brothers with two different stories ending up with a similar dream; Opening up their own bar in their home town Manchester. After years of gaining experience in both the UK and other cocktail capitals like Singapore and Paris, the Schofield brothers are ready for the next stage.

Our Brand Ambassador Kevin Vollebregt met with the two brothers in Manchester to talk about future plans, glassware, the Industry in Manchester and the best meal in town; the place their father always would go to, to get a Rice & 3 curry for 6 pounds. Typical Manchester food!

Kevin was fortunate enough to ask both brothers some questions to get to know these humble bartenders even more. Also we are happy to announce that both brothers will be judging one of our upcoming cocktail challenges in our Glassology community very soon. A challenge where we will be using a new glass range that was inspired by the famous Champagne Pina Colada that was created at Coupette bar in London.

Below the interview you can read both bio’s from Daniel and Joe.

What kind of education did you do before you ended up in the drinks industry?
Daniel: I studied Media Studies and Events Management in Leeds before dropping out to work in a local cocktail bar.
Joe: I was studying contemporary art before I fell in love with the industry and decided to pursue that as a career.

What made you want to focus on the drinks industry?
Daniel: I think we both fell in love with the industry almost immediately. There is something incredible about creating memories for people and seeing them enjoy a drink that you made!
Joe: I love to meet people from different cultures and different backgrounds, plus I see this industry as an opportunity to be creative.

Who is the person that inspired you the most?
Daniel: My brother Joe has always been my main inspiration. He is the reason why I got into bartending in the first place and the reason why I push myself to be better every day.
Joe: I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing people throughout my career, to name one wouldn’t be fair!

Best cocktail book written?
Daniel: Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold is a great read!
Joe: Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks by William Terrington

Best Non-cocktail book you would advise everybody.
Daniel: Setting The Table by Danny Meyer is one of my favourite books. He has an amazing philosophy on hospitality!
Joe: I would agree with Daniel here!

Which cocktail are you most proud of?
Daniel: I really enjoyed helping develop Apples at Coupette. On paper it’s an incredibly simple 2 ingredient drink but there was lots of research and development that went into creating it!
Joe: I think perhaps the William Wallace, I am lucky to have it being made all around the world.

And which ingredients does it have?
Daniel: An ever-changing Calvados paired with a changing freshly pressed and carbonated apple juice. We wanted to create something unique for our guests and constantly give them a different reason to come back whilst showcasing different styles of calvados. We used the term ‘consistently inconsistent’ a lot!
Joe: It is inspired by the Rob Roy or Bobby Burns, it is Scotch, Sweet Vermouth (I prefer Asterley Bros. Estate Vermouth), Pedro Ximenez and Orange Bitters.

Which Cocktail is the one you have made the most in your career? And where did you make it?
Daniel: For me, it would be a close call between the Champagne Piña Colada at Coupette in London and the Zombie at The Liars Club in Manchester.
Joe: The Zombie at The Liars Club, we used to make hundreds a night

What’s your favorite classic cocktail to drink?
Daniel: A Negroni or a wet, Vodka martini.
Joe: Manhattan or a Bloody Mary

What’s the most easy and tasteful drink to make and drink?
Daniel: A Gin & Tonic. It’s one of the easiest drinks to make but it can also be the easiest to get wrong.
Joe: Milano Torino, two ingredients and always tastes delicious.

Favorite glass to drink from? And Why?
Daniel: A beautiful, elegant Coupe.
Joe: A Hi ball with a gin and tonic, for me it should always be served this way.

Why is a glass that important for a drink?
Daniel: I believe glassware is incredibly important, the same way chefs understand the importance of a plate. It’s the first aspect that guests see and can actually change the flavour perception of a drink.
Joe: A good glass can be the difference between a drink and a great drink.

Glass: Durable or Fragile?
Daniel: Durable
Joe: Durable

Glass: Classic and simple or outspoken?
Daniel: Classic and simple.
Joe: Classic and simple.

Of what are you most proud of your brother?
Daniel: Seeing Joe pick up awards for ‘International Bartender Of The Year’ at Tales of the Cocktail and ‘Bartender’s Bartender’ at The World’s 50 Best Bars last year was an incredible moment that I’ll never forget!
Joe: Seeing Daniels work ethic and vision.

You’re going to open up a bar together soon. Has this always been your dream?
Daniel: As far as I can remember we have always had the dream to open our own bar and there is nowhere else that we would open than in our home city of Manchester!
Joe: Absolutely. We have been talking about this since we started in the industry.

What style of glassware will you be using in your bar?
Daniel: You’ll have to wait and see!

What should a main goal be of a cocktail bar?
Daniel: Of course, you should serve great drinks but in my humble opinion the guest should always come first. If your guest would like a glass of wine or a beer, pour them a great one!
Joe: Hospitality number one!

The most underestimated drink in the industry?
Daniel: The Strawberry Daiquiri.
Joe: Wine, if we are talking about the cocktail industry.

What’s your guilty pleasure drink?
Daniel: I’ve always liked the Singapore Sling, I love how most bartenders will make it a different way. When you order a Martini you always know what you will get but with a Singapore Sling it’s always a mystery!
Joe: Grasshopper.

Which ingredient will be used far more in the future?
Daniel: Non-alcoholic spirits and ingredients have seen an increase in popularity recently, and I personally would love to see this continue. Whilst it’s great to cater for all guests, it also pushes us as bartenders as it can often be more difficult to create non-alcoholic cocktails.
Joe: I think it is great seeing bartenders look to their own territories for inspiration in products and spirits.

How will the current and future trends change the current bar industry?Daniel: We have seen a real increase in accessibility which I love!
Joe: I think the NoLo movement will change the way consumers drink over the coming years. Especially with an increase in people taking better care of themselves.

What’s your opinion on the whole simplicity trend?
Daniel: I love it personally; we saw a real change in drinks styles over the last couple of years.
Joe: I think simplicity is important, every drink I have created has been relatively simple and easy to understand for guests.

What your favorite bar to visit yourself?
Daniel: Kronenhalle in Zurich, Schumann’s in Munich or Three Sheets in London
Joe: American Bar at The Savoy. I was fortunate enough to work here a number of years ago.

Which restaurant would you recommend to everybody?
Daniel: Tippling Club in Singapore is still one of the greatest restaurant experiences I’ve ever had.
Joe: Long Beach in Singapore, it serves amazing seafood, including the national dish of black pepper crab.

If you could go back in time and change any existing/classic cocktail glass, which glass would you change and why?

Daniel: To be honest, none! I think everything has a place and from that we can learn and evolve.
Joe: I would get rid of the pint glass, in my opinion the schooner is the perfect amount for a beer. It keeps it cold all the way to the last drop.

If you could travel back in time, who would you like to meet and why?

Daniel: Anthony Bourdain.
Joe: I have always wanted to meet Bill Murray, hopefully one day.


Bartender Owner – SCHOFIELD’S

Instagram: @drschofield
Facebook: drschofield

Daniel Schofield has recently just left a position as Assistant Bar Manager at Coupette, a neighbourhood bar with a French accent located in London currently ranked #18 in the World. Within the first year of opening, Coupette rapidly gained industry recoginiton picking up accolades such as; ‘Best New Bar Of The Year’ & ‘Cocktail Of The Year’ at the esteemed Class Bar Awards 2018, along with Daniel himself being nominated for ‘Bartender Of The Year’. In July last year, Coupette was awarded ‘Best New International Bar’ at the prestigious Spirited Awards at Tales Of The Cocktail and ‘Best New Opening’ at World’s 50 Best Bars.

Daniel’s career started off 9 years ago in a high volume cocktail bar in Spain whilst on summer break from university where he studied Media & Events management. Once back in England Daniel pursued his passion and rapidly expanded his skillset working in some of the best bars in the North of England covering all bases from classic cocktail bars to tiki bars. With a desire to progress and continue learning, he accepted a job offer from Little Red Door (currently ranked #33 at Worlds 50 Best Bars) in Paris in 2014 and spent the next year further developing his skills.

After a career defining year in Paris, Daniel took on a role as Head Bartender at The Bar With No Name, 69 Colebrooke Row in London. Under the watchful eye of some of the world’s best bartenders, Daniel progressed to learn a new style of cocktail making using advanced techniques at world famous creative space Drink Factory.

Alongside his brother Joe Schofield; current International Bartender of the Year (Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards 2018), Daniel is set to open a new family run bar in their home city of Manchester.

Abbreviated Recognition:

Best New International Bar – Tales Of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2018
No.18 – The World’s 50 Best Bars 2018
Best New Opening – The World’s 50 Best Bars 2018
Nominee, Best European Bar – Mixology Bar Awards 2018
Cocktail Of The Year – Class Bar Awards 2018
New Bar Of The Year – Class Bar Awards 2018
Top Ten Bartender Of The Year – Class Bar Awards 2018
Nominee, Best New European Bar – Mixology Bar Awards 2017
No.79 – The World’s 50 Best Bars 2017
No.62 – The World’s 50 Best Bars 2016
No.41 – The World’s 50 Best Bars 2015


Bartender Owner – SCHOFIELD’S

Co-Creator – Sensorium Group

Instagram: @joe_schofield


Joe Schofield has bartended and lived in numerous countries across the globe. He currently splits his time working in Manchester and Asia with his own projects; Schofield’s and Sensorium. Schofield’s will be opening early next year in his home town with his brother Daniel, an awarded bartender in his own right.

In July 2018 this year Joe was awarded one of the most prestigious honours an individual can receive in his industry, International Bartender of The Year in the Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards. This was shortly followed by an equally as prestigious title, Bartender’s Bartender at The World’s 50 Best Bars 2018. He is the only person in history to have won both of the awards.

Joe was a contemporary art student in university when he fell in love with bartending, and quickly decided on a career switch. He established himself as one of London’s bartenderstowatch, leading to placements at internationally renowned cocktail bars such as The

American Bar (No. 1, The World’s 50 Best Bars 2017).

He then moved over to Singapore to work with Chef Ryan Clift the owner of the highly acclaimed Tipping Club. It was here the duo created their multisensory menu concepts. First, they created the Memory Triggering aroma based menu, followed by what is believed to be the World’s First edible menu in the form of Gummy Bears. Both of their menus were recognised by Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards Top Ten World’s Best Cocktail Menu in 2017 and 2018 respectively. During his time at Tippling Club Joe established the Tippling Club in the Worlds 50 Best Bars at number 31 and Asia’s 50 Best Bars at number 7. Joe continued to lead the charge in racking up an impressive mantel of accolades for the bar in 2017 and 2018. He brought home the title of Best International Restaurant Bar at the Tales of the Cocktail’s 2017 Spirited Awards as Singapore’s only winning entry, as well as taking Top Ten nominations for International Bartender of The Year 2017 and Top Ten Bar Team of The Year 2018.

Joe continues working with Ryan Clift in their consultancy company Sensorium, where they have numerous projects in the pipeline across the globe. With their own gin brand on the horizon. He seeks to push the boundaries of modern-day cocktail culture by putting forth creative and conceptual libations that not only stand on their own, but also complement chef Ryan’s avant-garde cuisine with innovative pairing permutations.

Abbreviated Recognition:

Bartender’s Bartender – The World’s 50 Best Bars 2018
International Bartender of The Year – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2018
Top Ten Best International Bar Team – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2018
Top Ten Worlds Best Cocktail Menu – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2018
Best International Restaurant Bar – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2017
Top Ten International Bartender of The Year – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2017
Top Ten Worlds Best Cocktail Menu – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2017

No. 7 Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2017
No. 31 The World’s 50 Best 2017
No. 27 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017
Top Four Bartender of The Year – Drink Magazine Bar Awards 2017
Top Four Best International Restaurant Bar – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2016
Best International Hotel Bar – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2015
Top Four Best International Bar Team – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2015
Top Ten Worlds Best Cocktail Menu – Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards 2015
No. 5 The World’s 50 Best 2015