ONIS product features visually communicate and put an accent on all distinctive characteristics of ONIS glass ranges.

  • All of our raw​ materials in glass​production come​ from natural​ sources.

  • Our products do​ not contain lead in​ their composition.​

  • Our products are​ safe to carry food​ and drinks without​ harming your​ health.​

  • Finesse Laser Cut rim is​ an after process which​ results in a very fine​ polished rim offering​ the ultimate lip-feel and​ pure taste experience​.

  • An increasing number​ of stemware lines​ feature our thin yet​ robust stems. Proof​ that elegance can go​ hand in hand with​ sturdiness.​

  • Glassware designed​ to bring out maximum​ aroma and flavor​ for increased quality​ perception in serves.​

  • These days it’s often a necessity to use space-saving stackable glassware. Glassware with stackable design not only assures a longer service life but also reduces glass replacement costs. We have several solutions to maximize every square inch of horizontal storage space. Combine our performance enhancing technology with attractive looks and you get space-saving glassware that earns its keep by delivering real value.

    The designs includes a stacking ring to stabilize stacks, optimize support and prevents damage and glasses getting stuck together.

  • Choosing the right glass for a cocktail has become just as important as the drink itself. That is why glassmaker ONIS created Glassology, an online community where bar professionals from around the world can learn, connect, meet up with peers and be inspired. We are proud to organize the Glassology Design Contest, and​ some of our product ranges find​ their roots in this competition,​ having been designed with​ Foodservice professionals. These​ include The Gats, 1924, the Tulip​ Punch Bowl and Divergence.​

    In 2015, ONIS offered the first Glassology design contest, giving community members a chance to have their own glass design taken into production worldwide. The contest is now in its third iteration.

  • Xtratuff

    ​With ONIS XtraTuff treatment you don’t have to compromise on strength. This special thermal after-process for “pressed” tumblers​ strengthens the upper portion of the​ glass, the area most vulnerable to breakage. It increases​ the resistance to thermal and mechanical shock which​ results in remarkably durable glassware with prolonged​ service life.​