A flashback to the past. The Flashback tumblers have a distinct and classic vintage design which gives great beverage presentations! The design resembles the typical glasses from the 40s’ and the mysterious ambiances from the Noir Hollywood movies (like Casablanca).

These sturdy glasses remind of the hazy and enigmatic atmosphere of bars made popular by spies from post-World War II and Cold War (CIA founded in the 40s’ when espionage had its boom). Drinking from such classical shapes, transports us in a flashback to the past.

The mixing glass has a distinct and classic vintage design. The stem allows holding the mixing glass on the foot without influencing the liquid.


  • Distinct & classic design
  • European production
  • Part of the Flashback series: DOF, Cooler and the Mixing glass 
  • Stem allows to hold on foot: better for temperature
  • Bowl is rounder: stirs better.