With Levitas you offer a range of glassware in it's purest form. The simple yet elegant bowls sit atop a short stem to make an impacton whichever drink you choose to serve in them. Here lies the inspiration for the family's name: Levitas lends it’s name from the Esperanto word for floating.​

​All Levitas items feature our Finesse Laser Cut Rim finish, an after process which results in a very fine polished rim.​

Levitas fits a trend spotted among the leading cockail bars around the world. Producers of spirits, syrups and mixers continusly push themselves to create the purest of products. The bartenders mixing these into carefully crafted cocktails achieve delicate flavour balances often finished with a simple garnish or served on hand cut clear ice blocks. Levitas is the ultimate vessel for these kind of drinks.


  • Simple yet sophisticated contours
  • Finesse Laser Cut Rim finish; resulting in very fine polished rim
  • Short stem elevates your presentations​
  • Fits global simple glassware trend​
  • Dishwasher safe​
  • Made in Europe