We all know that the best conversation starts with a beer, one of the oldest and most popular alcoholic beverages of all time. While conventional beer consumption is slowly declining, craft beer is certainly shaking up this pioneer industry by adopting future trends earlier than any other. Betting on premiumization, innovative varieties, new styles, and rich and original flavours certainly make the difference. The boom is hitting the market as consumers increasingly look for high-quality beverages with a sustainable footprint; craft beer perfectly fits that growing demand.

Differentiation is key to success, and brands are creating an exclusive universe of customized items worshiped by beer lovers, especially the younger generations, who are eager to be part of this trendy and cool subcultural movement.

Craft brewers are definitely paying attention to glassware!
The new Arôme Craft Beer glasses show off glowing as the perfect choice to approach this segment and conquer new customers. Carefully designed to provide the perfect tasting, these glasses are ideal for a proper serving, enhancing the complexity of flavours and aromas, making every sip as great as the first. The angled shape activates the bubbling upon every sip, and the narrow top holds the foam in place. Its pronounced lip on the rim allows the beer to easily reach the palate, intensifying and levating the drinking experience. The flamboyant silhouette makes any beer standing-out on any bar or restaurant, and its ergonomics provide an easy grip, making it rest comfortably on the hand. It's the ultimate way to serve and savour craft beer.


  • Capacities: 31 - 37 - 47 - 60 cl
  • Possibility to be lined at: 0,2 - 0,3 - 0,4 - 0,5 L
  • Clear area for decoration
  • European production.