Alongside maturity comes sophistication! While mature segments, such as whisky or cognac explore the brave new world of premiumization, the less developed categories like rum and tequila invest in experimentation and focus on provenance.

Consumers spend more money on high‐end alcohol, as they want to expand
their world by discovering new blends, new flavors, and tastes to thrill their
senses. Brands respond to those demands by launching innovative varieties to
attract younger drinkers (Millennials and Generation Z).

End-users are becoming more meticulous and turning into real experts, when it
comes to the proper way of serving, tasting, and drinking a premium spirit.
The new Arôme snifters were created to match the requirements of the most
exigent spirits’ connoisseurs. The tulip-shaped bowl is perfect for sensorial tastings, emphasizing each and every redolent note of the finest cognac, whisky, or rum. These exquisite glasses have been carefully designed to regulate the amount of alcohol released from the drink. Its convex area near the rim prevents any burning sensation on the nose, impacting the olfactory properties, and enhancing the aromatic complexity of the drink. The elegant silhouette of the tall snifter, in its slender stem, stands out in hand, elevating any tasting experience into a whole new level of exquisiteness.


  • Capacity: both 18 cl 
  • 2 stemmed versions: short and tall 6mm stem
  • Developed for spirits tastings
  • Tulip-shaped design (flavour and aroma enhancer)
  • Suitable for decoration purposes
  • European production.