The winner of the Glassology contest 2016 is a punch bowl with matching glasses, which fits the global cocktail sharing trend perfectly. The bowl and glass both have a tulip shape, which is based on the Golden Age of the Dutch, where both the ingredients of the original punch and tulips were shipped by sailors in that time.

In those times one of the most expensive things to buy was a tulip. Thousands of guilders were paid for a single flower, reaching a peak in 1637 when 6000 guilders were paid for the Semper Augustus (always elevated). At the time that amount of money could buy you a big mansion on the famous Amsterdam canals. So, in the era of the punch, the tulip stood for all that is luxury.

In 2018/2019 the Tulip Punch Bowl will be promoted through several channels; social media, events, challenges and by sending away 36 personalized pieces to well-known bartenders, bars, media and influencers in the world. Let's create a statement with this first winning Glassology Design.


  • Created by and for bartenders
  • Handmade tulip punch bowl
  • Tulip Glasses, sold separately, European production
  • Including specially designed punch spoon
  • Brings glassware from the back bar to the bar top
  • Tall, slender design minimizes bar top space needed, even possible to serve at the guests’ table.